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Bellhousing Modifications

Transtyle Automatics is the only automatic transmission company who can successfully modify bell housings to suit both trimatic to turbo or turbo to trimatic bolt patterns. The conversion on the bell housing is done to suit as a multi pattern. That also can suit majority of manual housings.

Don't take the chance with an adaptor plate, change the configuration of your bell-housing instead.

At an affordable price of $385.00 including G.S.T.
Allow approximately 5 days for conversions.

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Parts, Shifters & Accessories

Whether you drive a standard or performance vehicle, Transtyle have a large range of B & M shifters and parts, drive plates, mounts, kick down cables, filler tube and sticks ect. ect. also a large range of hard and soft parts for all types of automatic transmissions for those who would like to do their own work. Other accessories, air filters and adaptors, oils engine and transmissions, oil filter and much more.
Check in store for full range and current prices.

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Transmission Coolers

90% of all transmission failures are caused by over heating! 

To protect your transmission from premature failure, install a transmission cooler. You will achieve;

* Longer life for transmission oil and transmission parts
* Reduce heat load on the radiator so the engine runs more cooler and more efficiently
* More efficient transmission power
* Protection for all weather conditions.


When should a cooler be installed?

A cooler should be installed when the vehicle is fitted with a towbar, when you drive a lot of heavy city traffic, if you drive long distances, if the vehicle is operating in hot climatic conditions or if your vehicle is fitted with many power consuming accessories such as air conditioning, power steering and emission control.

Avoid costly repairs sooner than later and install a transmission cooler.

Drivetech Transmission Coolers




The stacked plate oil cooler uses a unique embossed plate design to maximise the preliminary surface area available for heat transfer, to create an ideal cross path oil and air flow.
The result is a highly efficient oil cooler that maximises heat transfer without the need for additional turbulizers that restrict air flow.
Heat transfer efficiency of core frontal area is at least 30% greater than conventional fin and tube designs.


Quality Control All The Way

Leak Testing - Following application of the serial number, every cooler is subjected to leak testing at 200 psi under water, where any leak site will be identified by escaping air.
Burst Testing - Drivetech oil cooler designs have a burst pressure capacity of 400 psi.
Pressure Cycle Test - On pressure cycle test, product must exceed 50,000 cycles of 0-165 psi with oil at 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and a frequency of 15 cycles per minute. Production units will exceed 100,000 cycles.

Corrosive Protection - After leak testing, coolers move onto the finishing operation. Here they are suspended on a conveyor which will carry them through a chemical process, to etch, and apply, an exterior chemical conversion coating to provide additional corrosion protection for the aluminium surfaces. Treated products then progress through a drying oven to prepare them for painting.
Drivetech oil cooler cores are produced in the plant of a Q-1 rated manufacturer.

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Transtyle use and recommend Lucas Oil Products - a world leader in heavy duty and high performance lubricants. Lucas Oil Products offer a premium line of oil, greases and problem solving additives. The Lucas line of high performance engine oils and gear oils are second to none in the racing industry. The Lucas Oil line of products include:

* Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer
* Fuel Treatment (Upper Cylinder Lubricant)
* Extreme Weather Fuel Treatment
* Transmission Fix
* Power Steering Stop Leak
* Hydraulic Oil Booster and Stop Leak8
* Gear Oil - 80/90, 85/140, 75/90 Synthetic
* Automatic Transmission Fluid Semi-Synthetic
* Semi-Synthetic 2-cycle Racing Oil
* Racing Oil - 20/50 plus, 50 plus, 70 plus, 10W30 Synthetic


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