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Spending Quality Time With Your Vehicle

Transtyle Automatics

Transtyle Automatics may appear to be a relatively new name but in actual fact Transtyle has been situated in the Hallam area for over 18 years. Over the years Transtyle has grown steadily in size and reputation under the expert management of Joe Costanzo and his knowledgeable staff.

Over the past 15 years there has been a technological explosion in the automotive industry. Advancements in miniaturisation, computers, hydraulics and material technology have all combined to make your vehicle safer, more efficient and more complex than ever before.

What We Provide

Transtyle is renowned as a provider to the automotive industry nationwide with distribution in the trade, wholesale and also retail sectors.
Commitment to service is the corner stone of our business, which is why Transtyle has a long, distinctive history for providing quality service to all clients, large and small.

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Automatic Transmission Service

At Transtyle we can service your transmission in next to no time. Most services only take an hour and prices begin from $60, depending on the type of transmission, type of oil and oil requirement.
We have a fully equipped waiting room, with television, tea, coffee, drink and snack facilities. Heated and air-conditioned comfort whilst you wait.

Getting Started

The automatic transmission, the most complex mechanical component in your vehicle, is directly connected to the engine, emission and computer control systems. These systems, which combine to form the power train, are so interconnected that a malfunction in the transmission can appear as an engine, computer or electrical problem. Worse yet, a fault in the engine, computer or electrical system could be diagnosed as a transmission problem. To avoid misdiagnosis, we need to invest quality time in your vehicle. So please be patient. We are doing a thorough job so that you can be sure your vehicle has been accurately diagnosed.

Identifying The Problem

To understand what your technician is doing, we've outlined the basic checks he must perform in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

Diagnosing and repairing your vehicle is our top priority. In order to do that, however, we need to identify the cause of your complaint. That's why our diagnostic procedure includes a few simple questions and a road test. The purpose of the road test is to duplicate and verify your complaint while evaluating the overall condition of the drive train.

Good preliminary diagnostics, quality parts and pride in the work we do are our ingredients for success. Now that you understand the importance of a good diagnostic process, we know you'll appreciate the time we've invested in your vehicle. After all, our goal is to do the job right and keep you on the road mile after trouble free mile.

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Our experienced staffs are able to repair most vehicles within 1-2 days. As we are always well stocked with parts and as all repairs to vehicles are carried out on the premises, we can have your car repaired and ready to go with as little inconvenience to your plans as possible.

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Changeover & Rebuilds

Most reconditioned transmissions only require 1 day to be fitted.
We can also provide shift kits, hi-stall torque convertors, transmission coolers and accessories. See in store for our products or speak to one of our staff for advice.

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Recontioned automatics come with a 3 year or 90,000km warranty.
All repairs come with a 12 months or 20,000km warranty.
Fitted second/hand units come with a 6 moths or 10,000km warranty.

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Quality Parts & Workmanship

Whether it's a filter for routine preventative maintenance, or clutches and bands to completely rebuild the transmission, you expect quality replacement parts and that's why we use Raybestos®, Borg Warner®, Transtech® and other various products that meet O.E.M. or higher specifications. Raybestos®, an original equipment supplier to General Motors, Ford and Chrysler is a leading supplier of products to the automotive aftermarket and is your assurance of quality transmission pats for your vehicle.

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